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If you are looking to get a Texas defensive driving class into your rearview mirror, there are worse ways to do it than with While that doesn’t sound like a particularly glowing endorsement, consider what we’re talking about here. How clever can one be with scintillating subject matter like “don’t text and drive,” “red means stop” and “drive the posted speed limit?”

When it’s all said and done, the idea of taking a defensive driving class doesn’t get the average person’s heart racing with excitement. On the plus side, has done some really good things to make choosing them at least a little less of a beating than going with some of their competitors.

So What’s Good About Taking Defensive Driving with These Guys?

Not all defensive driving is created equal

My great grandmother used to say that “Anything’s good if you like it.” She usually threw out this little line whenever we complained that some “good for you” something or other she was trying to make us eat tasted bad.

Having to take defensive driving now is kinda like having had to eat veggies back when you were a kid. You’re probably not going to like it, you’re not going to be able to go out and play until you do and you’re going to be in trouble if you don’t. At least kids today have ranch… is making online Texas defensive driving better
Trust me, this course IS good, and the TEA and TDLR say so, too. If you want to skip ahead so you can go out and play,you could always hold your nose and head straight over to and get started. Defensive Driving’s Ranch Dressing

So what kinds of things make defensive defensive driving as unpleasant as a big, steaming plate of (insert your least favorite vegetable here)? With some defensive driving companies, just getting registered can be a hassle. Not so with Their one-page, fully secure registration can have you working on the course in under two minutes. If you want to check out the course before committing any money, you can choose “Pay Later” so you don’t get stuck staring at something you hate for the six hours you’re doing it and kicking yourself for it way longer than that.

You can try this defensive driving course risk free

As soon as you get into the course, you’ll be introduced to your host and instructor, John. In his welcome video he does a great job letting you know exactly what to expect as you work through the course so you’ll be at ease right away.

John has taught defensive driving for years and it shows. While he does crack his share of dad jokes, you can’t really blame him. I mean, come on, just look at him. He’s at least a dad; probably a granddad, too.'s online instructor, John
He doesn’t look like much, but you’re going to LOVE this guy before it’s over, you’ll see.

Back when taking defensive driving in a classroom was a thing, you got to “look forward” to hours of pretty dry lecturing. Then, when Texas defensive driving moved online, you got to look forward to hours of pretty dry reading. does a really good job of mixing up text, graphics and video to help keep you awake. They’ve also inserted all of it into an interface that is easy to look at and works great on mobile.

A sample page from the defensive driving online course
Example of the kind of page you’ll see on
Another example of an online Texas defensive driving course
Example of the kind of page you might be staring at if you choose a course from someone else

Get your Defensive Driving Certificate with No Final Exam! uses unit quizzes, not a final exam
Hope you paid attention because some of this will DEFINITELY be on the test!

Once you have finished your defensive driving course, the powers that be want to know that you learned something before you can get your certificate of completion. Many defensive driving courses end with a big final exam. This can be a problem, especially if you took advantage of being able to take your time to finish. Now it’s been days or even weeks since you have seen some of this stuff. How are you ever going to pass?

Here’s where  (and especially John) comes to the rescue

Instead of waiting until the very end of the course to test your memory, uses 10 question, multiple-choice mini-quizzes at the end of every unit. Even if your schedule forces you to spread a single unit over an extended period of time, they still have you covered. How?

Immediately before every mini-quiz, John shows back up in a short video to review all the important stuff you’ll need to know to ace your quiz. Told you that you were gonna love this guy. Even if you were to somehow miss scoring the state-required minimum score of 70, you can go back over the unit and try again. The course is virtually impossible to fail. I’m telling you, listen to John. He’ll give you all the answers!

Once you’ve earned that certificate of completion, you’ll want to get it into your hot little hands as quickly as possible so that you can get it to the court. Some companies will mail it to you which is fine if you didn’t wait until the last minute. Oh, wait. You did? Those other companies will be more than happy to send it to you via FedEx or UPS for a highly inflated fee. On the other hand, will email you your certificate immediately upon completion. Why wait overnight for your certificate when you can have it right now at a price that is less than half the cost of the expedited delivery options of their competitors?

What Says about their Course

To Put a Nice Bow on it…

Most courses that we review are the same, boring content spun in a new website design. The guys at have taken something old and truly made it new again. A quick and easy registration process, attractive and mobile-friendly design, a guy named John and NO FINAL EXAM combine to make a good choice for where to spend your defensive driving time, effort and dollars.

P.S.—If you’re looking for a really easy way to get defensive driving done, the guys at also offer a 100% video course Texas Defensive Driving - Ratings and Reviews
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