Driving School Closed

Driving School Closed! What’s Next?

The driving school you were attending or planning to attend has closed. Unfortunately, this is becoming more common. Want to share your experience? Send us a message.

Over the past several years driving schools have been shutting down more frequently than in years past. The problem has become so prevalent that states like Maryland and Texas have pages on their websites dedicated to answering questions from parents and teens that have been affected by the closure which is often times unexpected.

News reports from around the country like the video below and this report about the frustration parents in Oakland Park faced last year are becoming a regular occurrence.

For this reason, and many others, we highly recommend that parents and teens explore all of their options, including parent taught drivers ed and online driving schools, prior to enrolling in any driver education program.

KARE11 Report

Reasons for Driving School Closures

  • Issues with state regulations related to licensing or improper training
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Local and online competition
  • Surety bond or other insurance issues

Driving Schools Reported as Closed

  • Longhorn Driving School – Cedar Park, Texas
  • Harder Performance Driving School – Overland Park, Kansas
  • Defensive Driving Solutions – Bulverde, Texas
  • Helotes Driving School – Helotes, Texas
  • Advanced Drivers Ed – Allen, Texas
  • A&T Driving School – Bowie, Maryland
  • Traffic School 4 Less & Defensive Driving 4 Less – Santa Clarita, California

Report a Closed Driving School

Do you know of a driving school that shut down? Did you get duped by a school that you paid but closed before you completed your training? Share your experience with us through the form below.