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6 Defensive Driving Techniques to Help You Arrive Alive

There’s nothing advanced about defensive driving techniques, they’re mainly common sense. Here are some simple ways to stay safe in transit. American roads can be dangerous, and more so in recent years than ever before. Much of this has to do with how busy our roads have become, but distracted driving is also to blame. By practicing defensive driving techniques, …

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Driving School Closed! What’s Next?

Across the country, driving school closures are at an all time high. What are the reasons for these closures, and what can you do in the event that your school closes in the middle of your driver training?

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10 Reasons Texas Parents Should Consider Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed

The benefits of parent-taught teacher’s ed are tremendous. How tremendous you ask? What’s the real difference between you teaching your child and a trained professional teaching your child to drive?

This article details how investing in your child’s driving education can help lower their stress of learning to drive and give you peace or mind for years to come.