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Ticket Dismissal

Dismissing a ticket can save you money on the ticket and on your car insurance premiums.

Point Removal

Nearly all states have an option to keep a ticket off your record. Defensive driving or traffic school could be the answer.

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Teen Drivers Ed

Learning to drive can be stressful for teens and their parents. Being prepared to learn is key.

Driver Education Options

There are various types of driver education that differ from state to state. Find out what options are available for you.

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Practice Tests

Many teens are nervous when the time comes to take their permit test or drivers license test.

Ace your driver tests

With the right tools and plenty of practice, you can go and take your test with confidence knowing that you're ready to pass.

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Reasons to consider aParent Taught Course

  • Get licensed faster and on your schedule

    In most situations, parent taught courses can be completed faster.

  • Full confidence in your teens driving skills

    When you provide the training, you know that your expectations will be met.

  • Teach your teen to drive in your local area

    Behind the wheel practice is good. Practicing where they will be driving is great!

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