IDriveSafely – Texas Adult Drivers Ed $38.00

IDriveSafely – Texas Adult Drivers Ed

  • TEA Approved
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 24/7 Support
  • 100% Online

The genesis of I DRIVE SAFELY started in 1998 with a traffic ticket. Or more accurately – two tickets, one to each of the co-founders. They started looking for the best way to complete the traffic school requirement and as classroom settings was the dominant medium of education, it meant eight hours on a Saturday.

The founders came from a strong technical and entrepreneurial background. They assessed the market and quickly realized there were very little online offerings at that time, of which most were woefully inadequate. The next three months were intense – it started with a product development initiative and ended with a statewide campaign in California. Within 4 months, I DRIVE SAFELY was approved and running.

Today, we continue to lead the industry with innovative and effective online programs. Constantly updating our courses with the latest in professional teaching techniques, we remain true to our commitment to provide you with the best in advanced online driver training courses. At I DRIVE SAFELY our mission is to provide effective programs, superior customer service and excellence in everything we do. As the global leader in innovative driver training programs, we are committed to fostering positive driving attitudes, reducing collisions and saving lives.



  • More than 10 Years of innovation
  • Approved in over 25 states
  • Course material created by industry professionals
  • Superior customer service, with live U.S. based 24/7 support
  • Selected as the AAA Automotive Preferred Supplier for online driver programs
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Over 2 million satisfied customers!
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  1. Im trying to find out how can I take this course online but I dont have the money to pay for it right off hand. If I had the money I would of just paid for my ticket but I dont have a good enough job to pay for this. Do y’all let people pay for it after they have tooken the test? If you would let me know something please. Thank you.

  2. This course wasn’t too bad. Sort of boring, but all in all it got the job done. I wasn’t sure who to go with but I did find a really detailed review on the course which helped me decide.

    Good luck everyone! It’s not that bad!

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